About Us

“Dardedze holografija” was established in 1995 with the mission of manufacturing holograms, which help to secure documents and goods from attempted fraud. We first developed hologram technology with the help of Solid-state Physics University Optic laboratory.

We realized this hologram technology could be combined with printing to offer a complete security solution by printing protected documents and creating and applying holograms in-house. Thus, in 2002 we decided to extend our holographic production line by developing offset sheet-fed printing.

Currently,”Dardedze holografija” is one of the leading offset printing houses in Latvia. Company swiftly expands and employs 120 people. We are flexible and fast in producing print orders for Latvian, German, British and Scandinavian clients, this way showing our commitment to the international markets.

Our company assets include the latest technologies, highly trained staff, as well as a policy of constant investment into business development and innovation.

Our main principle of work is: Superior Quality, Competitive Prices, and Excellent Service.